The EU Foreign Policy Research Group was established in December 2016 by students and young professionals with the interest in the EU foreign policy. 


For five months, from January to May 2017, we were closely monitoring the situation in different regions of the world trying to identify developments with the biggest impact on the EU foreign policy.


During that time, we discovered new patterns and challenges that the EU faces and we described them in a separate publication. 


This piece, including our recommendation on how to tackle these challenges constitutes the final publication of the group and the essence of our activity. 


You can access the publication HERE



European Security Journal

Lasers and Space as Czech contributions to NATO, EU (Wed, 17 Oct 2018)
Strong NATO through strong EuropeThe transatlantic rift has, together with other factors, pushed the EU to movetowards developing industrial, political and defense autonomy. This trend does notpose a structural dilution of transatlantic relations. On the contrary, it will makeEurope a more equal…
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Facing Transatlantic Value Clash and Industrial Rivalry (Wed, 17 Oct 2018)
The NATO summit of July 2018 was supposed to formally conclude the successfuladaptation of the Alliance launched at the Wales summit in 2014 after Russia’sannexation of Crimea. However, it has also highlighted many long-term structuralproblems of NATO. The North Atlantic Alliance maintained a…
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New US Space Force Points to Weaponisation of Space Safety (Tue, 19 Jun 2018)
The merging of space safety with national security and geopolitical rivalries in the global, geographically unlimited domain.
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