The EU Foreign Policy Research Group was established in December 2016 by students and young professionals with the interest in the EU foreign policy. 


For five months, from January to May 2017, we were closely monitoring the situation in different regions of the world trying to identify developments with the biggest impact on the EU foreign policy.


During that time, we discovered new patterns and challenges that the EU faces and we described them in a separate publication. 


This piece, including our recommendation on how to tackle these challenges constitutes the final publication of the group and the essence of our activity. 


You can access the publication HERE



European Security Journal

Russia, North Kosovo and Kosovo Serbs: What are the connections? (Wed, 12 Dec 2018)
The position of Kosovo Serbs is an often overlooked factor in the Serbia-Kosovo dispute. Decisions are usually made in far-away conference rooms abroad and Kosovo Serbs are often left to feel that Russia is the only power that pays attention to their identity. With the current peace negotiations und
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After the Annexation of Crimea, Russia now occupies the Sea of Azov (Mon, 10 Dec 2018)
In the Sea of Azov, the tension between Ukraine and the Russian federation is mounting. Russia is increasing its military presence in the area and prevents free sailing in international waters. Ukraine is moving its navy into the area in order to ensure the safety of its shipping and to protect its
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Transatlantic Asymmetry and European Weakness (Fri, 07 Dec 2018)
The European security infrastructure based on NATO is weakened. The technological, strategic and political superiority of the Alliance is deteriorating [1], a worrying trend that could be blamed on its inequitable relationship, a militarily weak and divided Europe and the absence of synchronization…
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