The EU Foreign Policy Research Group was established in December 2016 by students and young professionals with the interest in the EU foreign policy. 


For five months, from January to May 2017, we were closely monitoring the situation in different regions of the world trying to identify developments with the biggest impact on the EU foreign policy.


During that time, we discovered new patterns and challenges that the EU faces and we described them in a separate publication. 


This piece, including our recommendation on how to tackle these challenges constitutes the final publication of the group and the essence of our activity. 


You can access the publication HERE



European Security Journal

The first Czech terrorist and his links to the far-right (Mon, 21 Jan 2019)
The historically first Czech terrorist was sentenced to prison last Monday, sparking debates about how much more dangerous the fear campaign against Muslims and migrants in the Czech Republic can get. The 71-year-old attacker, Jaromir Balda, is nowhere close to what the general discourse understands
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Can the Armenian “Velvet Revolution” End the Country’s Dependence on Russia? (Fri, 18 Jan 2019)
The victory of Nikola Pashinyan and his party in December 2018 marked the end of the so-called Armenian Velvet Revolution. Though most of the revolutionaries’ demands were focused on domestic transformation, the potential implications of this change on foreign policy should not be overlooked. What i
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Macedonia has agreed on a new name, but the future will be decided by an unpredictable Greek vote (Wed, 16 Jan 2019)
The Macedonian parliament agreed on a new name following the deal between Greece and Macedonia, which was reached last June. It opens the door for an EU and NATO membership in the coming years, which would contribute to further stabilisation of the Balkans but also to a rise of Macedonian economy. H
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