The EU Foreign Policy Research Group was established in December 2016 by students and young professionals with the interest in the EU foreign policy. 


For five months, from January to May 2017, we were closely monitoring the situation in different regions of the world trying to identify developments with the biggest impact on the EU Foreign Policy. 


During that time, we discovered new patterns and challenges that the EU faces in its foreign policy and we decided to describe them in a separate publication. 


This piece, including our recommendation on how to tackle these challenges constitutes the final publication of the group and the essence of our activity. 


You can access the publication HERE







-> EEAS - main website of the European External Action Service with latest news, statements, press releases and basic information about the state of EU relations with different countries.




-> Exploring EU Foreign Policy - comprehensive website with tones of information about different aspects of EU foreign policy.




-> EU Newsroom - easy access to videos and photos of high level meetings, a possibility to use them for free after the registration on the website.


European Security Journal

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Italy, Libya to hold joint operation against people smugglers (Thu, 14 Dec 2017)

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