The group was an independent project established by students and young professionals in international relations out of an interest in the EU foreign policy. It was running between December 2016 and September 2017.


Who are we?


The team of young researchers and analysts covering the topic of the European Union's relations with other international actors. In our activities we aim to raise the interest of young people in the field of foreign policy and apply innovative methodologies to foreign policy analysis with the focus on complexity theory. The group is based in Vienna but encompasses members from across Europe.


What do we do?


Comprehensive monitoring and research of latest developments in a number of geographical areas of the world and their impact on the EU, publishing analyses and commentaries, as well as EU Foreign Policy Monthly Overviews. Our aim is to produce credible, unbiased material on regular basis, which will bring the topic of foreign policy closer to young people. 




The group's work will encompass close monitoring of the developments in different regions of the world and their links to the EU. It was inspired by complexity theory, which allows to identify underlying patterns of a complex system that arise from multiple individual interactions of the system's elements.


In our efforts we will attempt to better understand internal dynamics of each region we study and their impact on the EU. To do that, we will seek for new developments from all sorts of different dimensions like political, economic, legal, cultural, etc. that in our view could impact the European Union through the system of interdependencies that link the EU with these regions in not always obvious manner. In the end of the project that would last until the second half of 2017 we will collect all these observations in one publication that would identify major patterns we observed during the monitoring period that could have an impact on the EU.



Our Partners:

Young Initiative on Foreign Affairs and International Relations


IFAIR makes young people a part of global politics and global politics a part of daily political life. In our Think Tank, young authors leave their footprints in current political debates. IFAIR’s Impact Groups give our generation a platform to bring tangible projects to reality. IFAIR’s motto is “Think. Learn. Act.”: We learn from theory and transform these learnings into practical results – and vice versa.

My country? Europe


My country? Europe’s main aim is to inform about Europe, its culture, and its people, in order to foster a sense of belonging to it and set the ground for a European Federation. Born as a Facebook page in the wake of the Crimean crisis, the team has grown to include members and contributors from all over Europe. Some of them have been friends for years while others have bonded thanks to the project. And that is what the European spirit is about.

The Initiative for Policy Research and Analysis


At InPRA, we will initially start with a concentrated focus on developing nations while adopting an outward looking approach towards their foreign policy. Multiple dimensions of the same such as international law and South-South trade shall also be covered by us. We hope to bring an academic and professional analysis of crucial issues to our readers while we disseminate information and opinions in a journalistic manner.

GA Monitoring


GA Monitoring is a policy intelligence service provider based in the EU.  GA Monitoring provides private and public sphere clients with tailor-made European Union legislative and regulatory intelligence, institutional insights and training in all policy fields. Through exhaustive policy coverage it enables organisations and associations of all types, from SMEs to NGOs, to better navigate the European regulatory environment. For more information, please send an e-mail to