Head of the EU Foreign Policy Research Group – Kinga Jaromin



Africa Unit –  Balázs Kele


Balázs is an international relation student from Hungary, Budapest. He spent his BA years on Pázmány Péter Catholic University and he had been mainly interested in international law, thus he wrote the thesis about R2P regarding Libya and Syria. He also took part in international law competitions and national student conferences. After the graduation, he worked as an intern in the Embassy of Hungary in Helsinki. Since 2014 he is pursuing MA at the same university and he spent the 2015-16 academic year at the University of Helsinki as an Erasmus student. Right now, he is working on Master thesis on the Congo crisis.

Australia and Oceania Unit – Jakob McKernan


Jakob is a graduate of the University of Groningen. He is currently a trainee Political Officer at the European Union’s Delegation to New Zealand. Whilst completing his Masters in International Relations he contributed to the work of the Foundation for International Relations and Foreign Dialogue in Madrid and the Centre for Political – Military Analysis at the Hudson Institute in Washington. His main research interests lie in EU trade and foreign policy. He is also responsible for proofreading and editing of the group's content. 

China and East Asia Unit – Evelyn Shi


Evelyn (1995) is a current student of Law and Sinology in Vienna. Her academic interests lie in international relations, which is also the field she would like to focus her career on. She is especially interested in the relations with Eastern Asian countries like China, where she also comes from.

Middle East and North Africa Unit – Stefan Pfalzer


Stefan is currently pursuing two bachelor’s degrees in Political Science and International Business Administration in Vienna, Austria. Previously, he has been working as an intern for the Austrian Institute for International Affairs, a Tanzanian NGO focusing on community development and youth empowerment and an Austrian NGO monitoring human rights. During the spring semester of 2017, he will spend an exchange semester at Sciences Po in Paris. His academic interests are the Middle East, security, and disarmament.

Russia and Eastern Europe Unit – Kinga Jaromin


Kinga is a recent MA graduate from the University of Warsaw, Poland in the field of European studies, with the specialisation in the EU foreign policy. Her Master thesis concerned the role of the EU in resolving frozen conflicts in the post-soviet space. Passionate about the region of Eastern Europe, she strives to expand her knowledge about it through research and travelling, and learning Russian, Ukrainian and Romanian languages. Her interests include EU foreign policy towards Eastern Europe and internal dynamics of the region in the context of Russian influence. She also fulfils the role of the Head of the EU Foreign Policy Research Group.

Turkey and Caucasus Unit – Federico Salvati


Federico is a young professional specialized on the Caucasian region and post-soviet geopolitics. He started working in Italy with various research centres like the National Research Center or the High Institute for Defense Studies. He spent some time in Georgia working or collaborating with different local and international NGOs. He is currently studying in Berlin a Master degree in Conflict Resolution.

United States of America Unit – Jakub Zientala


Jakub, born in Warsaw, is European at heart and in the soul. Jacob is dedicated to European cause, an active member of JEF in the ”heart of Europe” Maastricht for few years. A graduate of Political Science at Warsaw University, and European Law at Maastricht University (currently continuing with Master degree). Despite his dedication to Europe, Jacob has affair with the USA and is very passionate about transatlantic relationships.

Western Balkans Unit – Aleksandra Stankovic


Aleksandra studied Political Science at the Vienna University. She is responsible, reliable and always interested in learning new things and discovering new places. Extremely passionate about her interests and constantly in a search for knowledge, she dedicates her interests to the Western Balkans, her region of origin, as she comes from Serbia.


Nora Kürzdörfer


In summer 2016, Nora completed her Bachelor Degree in Public Governance which is a joint degree programme between the Westfälische-Wilhelms-University Münster in Germany and the University of Twente in the Netherlands. While the focus of her studies lay on political science, her programme also included courses in economics, public law and sociology. Currently, Nora is spending a year collecting practical work experiences at different international organizations, among others at the European Union Delegation to New Zealand, before she aspires to start her Masters programme in October 2017. Nora's main research interests include EU foreign policy as well as international relations and cooperation, in particular between the EU and the Asia-Pacific region.


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Roger Hilton


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